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Royal Anwar

Transcendence System for Modelling & Acting

Welcome to the official website of Royal Anwar ---- an established Model and Actor


Modelling and Acting is not a joke. It is a serious business that requires talent, skills, abilities and strenghts that does not crack under extreme pressure to perform.

Having a model and actor who comes ready to perform 🎭 is important both for the client and the agency alike..... a model who is flexible to last minute changes to the casting brief is crucial: one who does not break down under pressure but is able to perform regardless.

A model and actor who is dedicated and fully committed to modelling and acting: one who is all-in full hearted and is able to recognize that he is there to represent the client's brand and nothing else.

Modelling and acting is an art with an exact science that can be mastered over time with experience that can be gained only by becoming a model and actor ----- going in and not tipping your toes. Only then can one gain the priceless experience of getting booked for jobs that push the model beyond the extreme edges of comfort and laziness.....

Models and actors who have been booked a couple of times understand that each performance is infinitely valuable as he is able to learn how the business of modelling and acting works from the standpoint of the model and actor, as well as what the client wants and what the agency wants.they are all different things but have similarities that connected them as one business.

The client wants his product and service to be represented. The agency wants a model who will deliver. The model and actor wants to be an example and an asset to both. This is how important it is to model and act and get paid handsomely.

The money that comes to the model and the actor and the agency from the client is worth every penny as it proves that a need has been fulfilled and a gap in the market has been filled. This is why anyone buys --- they are trying to fulfill a gap and a need.

Acting is similar to modelling yet it is an entirely different craft but has commonalities to modelling that can be percieved by intelligent minds. Modelling and acting is a way of life. It is a lifestyle. A business. A craft. A way of delivering service to the world 🌎.  A way of earning a handsome income. A way of giving. What more do you want?

Models and actors who crack under pressure and are unable to perform need to understand that it is them who needs to change and not the client nor the agency representing them.... as nothing is worst than failing to deliver on the day of the shooting let alone not showing up altogether which is really a disgrace. This requires a change in mindset and enhancement of skills of the model and actor to show up ready to perform; otherwise go home and leave modelling and acting. It is not for everyone.

Modelling and acting is a tough business. It requires tough people. I am talking from years of experience working with big brands, films and tv shows. Let me be the next model or actor you hire for your projects. I will perform and deliver exactly what you need of me with a smile 😃 with an attitude that can only be found with Royal Anwar.

To your sustained success.

Always with geatitude, appreciation and love.

Royal Anwar



​What Royal does for a living....


#00: Commercial Modelling

.Do you see yourself as a model?


You are a model whether you know this yet or don't. You are a model for your look because no one else looks like you ✨️. You are unique just the way you are!



The idea of what a model is and how they look like has been evolving very fast. Today we have models of all sizes, shapes and colours. It was not like this always. It used to be very rigid and fixated on a certain look type. Thank God this industry has changed. Now we have models with varied looks that represent different aspects of the world.



I became a professional model in 2016 when I signed up for a photoshoot in Manchester, UK 🇬🇧 - my UK hometown. That day was magickal. I still remember it like it was today. I took serveral outfits with me and had an amazing time shooting different poses. I was so naturally relaxed and confident in front of the camera that the images turned out amazing. That day we created my portfolio - a collection of images a model has that showcases the looks and styles a model has. It costed me £500 to create a portfolio and it was worth every penny. I always believe in investing in myself and others because that small investment - which was a huge amount of money back in those days for me - came back to me thousands more.




My modelling portfolio has been viewed by more than 30,000,000+ million people worldwide and downloaded more than 2,400,000+ million times. Together my modelling images have had more than 50 to 100+ million impressions estimated on the internet so far as they have been used by people all over the world 🌎 ❤️. I am grateful and thankful for every person who has used my modelling images for their personal and professional needs. I love all of you dearly. 



Modelling is not a job for me. It is a lifestyle. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with brands like Llyods Pharmacy, The Discovery Channel and Wilkinson Sword just to name a few.... every modelling performance has been an amazing experience that has made me grow and become a better person. I transitioned from being a boy to becoming a man with modelling. It has been that life changing for me.



I am 171cms so I couldn't do fashion shows and a certain type of modelling because of my height, but that did not stop me from finding my place in the modelling world. Right from the start I choose the commercial modelling niche as tall height is not necessary in this genre and have become wildly successful at it. So never let anything stop you from finding your thing. 


#01: Performance Acting

​....What was your most favourite movie as a child?

The movies we like the most tells a story about ourselves! Movies take us into a different world: one in which we see ourselves as the different characters in the film. The character that you most resonate with is the one that you have the most affinity with and its story appeals to you. That story reveals something about your life.

I used to watch The Knight Rider tv series religiously - the one with the self driving car called Kitt - because it used to be my most favourite thing to do as a child. I loved everything about it. I did not fully understand the dialogues as it was in English but I loved the action and the adventure because they would flyteleport me into a different world 🌎. A world full of happiness and good childhood memories in a remote valley called Dehe Naw in Afghanistan 🇦🇫 ♥️ - my home country.

My love for cinema was re-ignited when I came to the United Kingdom in 2012 and went to the cinema to watch Batman: The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX - the biggest screen in Manchester, UK 🇬🇧 😍, where I have been living mostly. The sound and picture quality were amazing and the movie was fantastic. The whole experience was magickal. I fell in love with cinema and it used to be my third home during college times in Manchester. My second home was the city centre and the shopping centre as I loved wearing designer outfits and styled myself like a model.

I grew up watching a lot of movies and tv shows; this created a natural, but deep desire in me to one day start my own acting career and be in those films myself. That childhood dream became a reality in 2021 when I started my acting career as a supporting artist. It was the first time I had been in a movie and a tv show: wow, I was impressed with the level of professionalism and mastery that these actors were performing at. I fell in love again with movies but this time it was with how they were produced. Since then I have performed in films like Sherwood and TV series like Traces 2 and Everything I Know About Love.


M​odelling Images 


Download Free High Quality Modelling Images of Royal with Full Model Release....
​Over 30,324,971 Views and 2,484,740 Downloads so far!

Professionally taken commercial modelling images dedicated to the global community, freely with full "model release"!

Download from Unsplash:

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To obtain a Model Release, please email:


Casting Measurements for Modelling and Acting performances ✨️ worldwide....

Measurements: Height 171cm
Head 22 inch. Collar 14.5. Waist 25 inch. Shoe Size 8. Chest 36 inch. Inside leg 23 inch. Sleeve 20 inch

For all booking and other enquiries please contact Royal Anwar using the form below..... Or email:

Thank you for contacting Royal Anwar. We will respond to your message as soon as possible. Thank you

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